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Global parameters

This menu function pops up the parameter box for the global parameters of the specific model selected. Generally, all parameters are with molar concentrations and binding constants. 

For more information on the different parameter types see the concepts for getting started.

The global parameters can be saved into ASCII text files, using the Data->Model functions.  This can be a convenience and a good way to document results.  However, note that the local parameters are not included in these model files, and therefore you may not be able to reproduce an analysis on the basis of this file alone.  In order to achieve the exact reproduction of the Sedphat status, see Configurations.

The global parameters (inclusive the nature of the model they belong to) are saved in *.sedphat_PAR files. They can be imported from the Data menu, or applied to the currently loaded data by drag-and-drop with the mouse.

Note:  You can change the default parameters of each model.  This can be very useful if you work with the same molecules for a while.  In this case, you don't need to retype things like the monomer molar mass, initial guesses for the binding constants, etc.